Reservoir Access - UPDATED 5/1/2020

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Reservoir Access - UPDATED 5/1/2020

La Grange, CA; May 1, 2020
Don Pedro Recreation Agency Update | Effective May 2, 2020
On April 30, Tuolumne County Public Health Office issued a new public health order loosening restrictions on some recreational activities. In compliance with the new health order issued, Don Pedro Recreation Agency (DPRA) will reopen some day use areas including the boat launch ramps. The entrance gates will be open for purchasing of passes. When a staff member is not available, please utilize the iron ranger process. Campgrounds and the Swimming Lagoon remain closed. Commercial boat rentals are also not available at this time.
A copy of the health order can be found here:
Social distancing restrictions are still in place at day use areas, including at boat ramps, parking lots, and along shorelines. We thank you in advance for being mindful of physical distancing from others not in your household.
As certain areas of the Don Pedro Recreation Agency remain closed, not all restroom facilities are available. Please watch for signage on property as guidance to which facilities are available.
For any questions about the Marina, please call (209) 852-2369.
For any questions about DPRA operations, please email DPRC@TID.ORG.
Information and guidance related to COVID-19 continues to change rapidly and we will continue to keep you posted as to any changes in operations as they develop. The health and safety of our staff, concessionaire and the public remains our number one priority.
Thank you,
DPRA Staff

Additional Download Information:
Press Release Updated Local Health Officer Order 4.30.2020


The old Don Pedro Dam still exists at Don Pedro Lake. Some 220’ under the water of a full lake, the old Don Pedro Dam is 1.5 miles upstream from the current dam’s location. Completed in 1923, it was, at the time, the world’s largest concrete gravity dam. The lake created by the old dam, with its storage capacity of 289.000 acre feet, was only 14% of the capacity of the current lake.