Fleming Meadows Overflow Roadway Project

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Fleming Meadows Overflow Roadway Project

DATE: April 9, 2021

Based upon the conclusions set forth in the Initial Study, the CEQA Lead Agency (Turlock Irrigation District [TID]) finds that the proposed Project, which includes measures and mitigations designed to minimize environmental impacts, would not result in significant adverse effects on the environment. The CEQA Lead Agency has prepared this Notice of Intent to adopt the Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration pursuant to 14 CCR Section 15072.

Title:  Don Pedro Recreation Agency Fleming Meadows Overflow Roadway Project

Project Description: With the Don Pedro Recreation Agency (DPRA) Fleming Meadows Overflow Roadway Project (proposed Project), TID, in conjunction with DPRA, would prepare approximately 1-acre of an approximately 3-acre lot to construct a serpentine roadway to help alleviate traffic congestion at the Fleming Meadows entrance related to recreation activities. Clearing and grubbing would occur along the approximately 15-foot-wide path of the aggregate base or crushed rock roadway. This already disturbed area has been used previously for overflow parking for recreational activities at Don Pedro Reservoir.

Project Location: The location of the proposed Project is an approximately 3-acre area in the northeast quadrant of the intersection of Bonds Flat Road and the Fleming Meadows driveway. The site is located at 501 Bonds Flat Road, La Grange, California, approximately 35 miles east of Modesto in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Project Proponent:  TID

Lead Agency:  TID

Public Review Period: A 20-day public review period began on April 09, 2021 and ended at 5:00 PM on April 29, 2021.

Available Material:  A copy of the draft Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) and supporting material are available physically at 10201 Bonds Flat Road, La Grange, California 95329.  



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